Saving Your Way to Riches

There is more than one way to get rich. You can figure out a way to make a bunch of money fast, or slow, and eventually be "rich". You can also save your way to riches. I bet I lost half of my readers the minute I used the save word. Saving is hard work. There is always something to spend our money on.
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We have urgent money matters, we have credit card debt to pay off, and we all have things we just can't do without. But, if you save every month, you will find the riches you are seeking.

If you could save just one hundred dollars more a month, do you know what that would mean to you when you retire? Using the savings calculator on this page you can see if you have thirty five years to save you could have an extra two hundred thousand dollars when you retire. If you have forty years to save you could have an extra three hundred and twenty thousand dollars built up to carry you through retirement. If you want to be a millionaire, start saving three hundred dollars a month when you are in your early twenties. Bam, you're a millionaire without ever starting a company, without ever making any supper risky investments, all you do is save your money. Some of you are thinking where in the world am I going to find three hundred dollars to save. That's the great part about starting when you are young. You can discipline yourself now and it won't be a problem later.

Start by looking into your company's 401k plan. Put as many pre-tax dollars into the plan as possible and diversify your investments. Cut out eat-out lunches, expensive coffee, candy bars, beers, and you'll be surprised how fast you can find two or three hundred dollars to save. Yes, you too can take your lunch to work and anyone can learn to cook at home. Once you learn to live within your savings plan, when you make more money, then, and only then, you can treat yourself to the extras in life. Start early, be disciplined, and you will be rich.