Get Rich Quick

Get Rich Quick Quotes by Famous People

I think it´s an ok idea to want to make a lot of money easily and without having to work hard. If possible, I think shortcuts are ok too. After all, who wouldn´t want to achieve success, fame, and fortune as fast as possible? I guess there are very few short cuts and fewer legitimate get rich quick ideas. But, if you truly have one, remember people will probably look at you with suspicion. They always have.

Walt Disney
“When we opened Disneyland, a lot of people got the impressions that it was a get-rich-quick thing...” Click on Walt Disney for more of the quote. It amazes me that even Walt Disney was faced with the “you are creating a get rich quick acquisition.” Of all the nerve; to accuse dear old Walt. So, take your dream and continue to pursue it even if people scoff. Most people are working in nine to five jobs and don't know any better anyway.

Theodore Roosevelt
“The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, ... and the get-rich-quick theory....” Ok, I kind of agree and kind of don´t. Nothing that is worth anything is easy. I think that is what he is saying. But, if you could create a business that made you rich fast, and kept you rich, wouldn´t that be worth pursuing. Is there such a thing?

I think it's ok to continue to pursue wealth.