How To Get Rich ONE Site At A Time!

by: Dan Lok

Are you fickle? (Do you even know what "fickle" is?) According to Merriam-Webster Online, "fickle" is defined as "given to erratic changeableness."

And when it comes to website success… If you're fickle, you're in a pickle!

One of the biggest problems that crops up with my clients is that they always to seem to be too focused on the *NEXT* "big thing"…long before they've perfected the science of their *CURRENT* big thing -- their existing website.

As an entrepreneur, you should always be on the lookout for the next new ideas, the next challenges, the next possibility for success…but don't be fickle!

Clients say to me, “Dan, what am I doing wrong? I've got 8 or 9 websites up right now and I am starting 3 more this month. But I don’t know why am I not making much money with any ONE of them."

Wake up and smell the coffee, you Fickle Fiend! You're working on TOO MANY WEBSITES!

I've seen this so often it hurts…instead of putting effort into making their existing website more compelling, more effective, and more profitable, Fickle Folks are way too focused on that elusive "next big thing"…

And when their first website doesn't deliver on the promise, they don’t ask "Why?"… They don't try to fix what may be broken…

They just change their focus and concentrate on building another website that they're certain is going to be "the next big thing."

And when that doesn't work…probably for the same reasons that Site #1 didn't make any money…they'll start another new site and another and another in an endless cycle of "no return on too much investment."

If that's not the fast track to bankrupt-and-out-of-business, I don't know what is!

As you know, I am a big believer in multiple streams of income. So, I am not saying you should be have multiple websites.

BUT…make sure your existing website is as strong, solid, and successful as you can make it before trying to grab the gold ring and the next "big thing."

Don't take the "fickle" path to the Poor House. Stay focused on promoting just one website …and promoting it effectively! Put on blinders to other distractions and keep your eye on the prize: making that ONE website as profitable as possible.

Dan Lok
"Call me, I answer my own phone."

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